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APAS T1 is a research-grade substrate moisture sensor with a large volume of influence. The APAS T1 is designed and optimized for measurements in soilless media (e.g. rockwool, coco coir), and can also measure accurately in the soil. The sensor goes through a multiple-stage tuning to minimize sensor-to-sensor variability and provides temperature-compensated readings to maximize overall measurement accuracy. The APAS T1 can be easily interfaced with the Raspberry Pi. The APAS T1 can be used for monitoring water content and irrigation scheduling, as well as performance evaluation of irrigation systems in outdoor and controlled environment agriculture.




  • Measures in soil; optimized for moisture measurements in soilless media (rockwool, coco, etc)

  • Optimized design; much lower sensitivity to air gaps due to installation compared to other sensor brands

  • Temperature measurements and temperature-compensated moisture readings 

  • Large volume of influence (~800 ml); better indicator of root zone moisture

  • Reduced cable and EMI noise; snap-on ferrite core on the cable 

  • Sensor-specific calibration coefficients stored in sensor memory

  • Ruggedized design; electronics protected by epoxy fill

  • Ideal for IoT applications; 64-bit digital ID and low power consumption

  • 20-MHz measurement frequency minimizes sensitivity to substrate texture and salinity

  • Compatible with Arduino; easily interfaced with Raspberry Pi

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